Keep Your Dog Safe at All Times in Our Dog Friendly Vehicle at Greenlite Car Sales

Here at Greenlite Car Sales, we find it imperative that dog owners and driver's are informed on the features that make a vehicle dog friendly so your pets can remain safe and comfortable during all your travels.

One feature that we believe is very important is a pet gate so that your pet cannot exit the vehicle when any of the doors are opened. The gates will also allow them more freedom then if they were stuck in a crate for hours at a time. Another feature that is great to have for your dog is all-season floor mats. Having them will make cleaning up accidents from your pet less of a tedious task.

For more information on what makes a vehicle dog friendly, just drive on over to Greenlite Car Sales to speak to our associates and take one of our dog friendly vehicles out for a test drive around the block in Hendersonville.


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