Quick Tips For Changing A Flat Tire

Dealing with a flat tire can be both frustrating and scary. This is especially true when emergency roadside services are delayed and you wind up having to change it on your own. At Greenlite Car Sales, we're eager to help Hendersonville drivers learn how to perform tire changes safely, swiftly, and correctly.

Start By Parking In A Safe Place

Do you best to steer your car to a safe, level area. If you're parked on a hill, there is always the risk of having the vehicle roll while you're in action. You should additionally avoid any grassy or muddy surfaces so that the jack isn't likely to sink while supporting the vehicle. You can further prevent rolling by using a large brick, rock, or wheel chock to stabilize the tires on the side of the vehicle that you aren't actively working on.

Consult Your Owner's Manual

?If you've never changed a tire on your current car, take a look at the owner's manual before getting started. This will tell you where your spare, jack, and other essentials have been stored. Finding and inspecting these tools is something that you may want to do well ahead of actually needing them. This is far better than waiting until you're harried and stuck on the side of the road. To learn more strategies for performing a quick, safe, and efficient tire change, drop by Greenlite Car Sales today.


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